Getting started….

Alright, so here we go.  I don’t know how this blogging thing is going to work, but after some encouragement, I’ll give it a spin.  So why “priestcraft”?   Because that is an all-consuming question for me – How do we (formally ordained or not) contact, receive, and mediate the power of Christ?   This applies both to religious/liturgical settings and to ordinary life.  If the Logos is the pattern of the whole universe, and the blazing fire which undergirds my own being, how do I live in such a way that this presence, this power, and its redemptive re-patterning of all things takes flesh in my life?  More soon –


5 Responses to “Getting started….”

  1. Alexis Says:

    WELCOME! John to the wonderful world of blogging. . . .he he he! Very cool blog-theme by the way.

  2. Phantom Director Says:

    Welcome indeed. When I saw a post over at PeaceBang with your name on it; I wondered if it was YOU! And it is–the person who wrote that wonder text The Many Paths!

    I am a UU Minister who hangs out a lot with gnostics and first heard about you from Jordan+ Stratford (whose blog you have on your bloglist). Nice connect I shall return often. Be well.

    Cheerfully, Roger K.
    aka: abraxas007

  3. John Says:

    Thanks Roger! Great to see you here

  4. Gordon Says:

    This is an excellent question, and I suspect the same answer that the legendary taxicab driver gave to a tourist in New York looking for the Met–

    “practice, practice, practice!”

    There are some sects of Buddhism that hold the opinon that all of us are already enlightened. The trick is to discover how it was that we came to be enlightened, which poses a different set of questions.

  5. Mark Hoemmen Says:

    Hi Bishop John!

    Glad to see you are blogging — am looking forward to reading your reflections!

    I am a Catholic somewhat of the Roman persuation (though starting to look for an independent parish) and a friend since high school of Fr. Chris Tessone. I’m interested in the Office and in Gregorian chant (and other schools of chant, though I don’t know as much about them).

    The nice thing about a blog is that, for me at least, it’s less like a formal essay and more like a collaborative work-in-progress. Ideas get bounced around and developed much faster than if they had been stuck inside my little head 😉

    Best wishes for the new year!

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