…the crazy, unreasonable acts of people…

If you have not checked out Pete Rollins’ blog in the blogroll, take a look.  Just one snippet from his most recent post:

God in Christ is not a being who explains the world….  but rather is one who transforms the world via the crazy, unreasonable acts of people.

Yesterday, on extremely short notice, an independent priest friend of mine cancelled a good part of his day, drove more than an hour into town, and retrieved a person who was being kicked out of his house for financial reasons.  He packed up this fellow (whom he had met only once or twice before), and drove him the hour-plus back to the community where my friend lives, and where this guy will be staying until he figures out what to do next.  As a witness to this generosity (offered without any grumbling or hesitation on my friend’s part), I was humbled.  Thank God for the crazy, unreasonable acts of people, through whom the world is remade. 


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