…the wholly hidden spirit in the physical…

Imagine you have the chalice in which the Transubstantiation is accomplished.  Through the Transubstantiation human beings seek the path to the Father, to that primeval creator-power who has his being in it in all reality, and who cannot be found if you look one-sidedly for spirit alone, or one-sidedly for matter alone, but who is only found when you directly discover the oneness of spirit with matter….  So when he sees what is represented everywhere by the physical world, the human being can find in the Transubstantiation the wholly hidden spirit in the physical. – Rudolf Steiner, The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest, pp. 256-257

I know Steiner’s language can be difficult to muddle through, but I love this bit from his lectures to the Christian Community priests, and thought it was worth posting.


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