A word from Rev. Mario

I find it unfortunate that mainstream/traditional christians and esoteric christians have very little dialogue, preferring to dismiss one another as, respectively, Crusty Dead Orthodox and New Age Fluffy-Bunnies.  To me, one of the great things about the independent sacramental movement is that there is so much mixing and matching and boundary-crossing going on.  I am striving to reflect that diversity of sources here, which guarantees that I will rattle a few cages.  But we wouldn’t want it to get boring, would we?  🙂

Churches will eventually become a relic of the past, so don’t bank on it too much , will you? Then you say, “What about your Priests?” Well, they will just bugger along as they usually do. The reason for our Priesthood is not so much to stand there looking lovely in a beautiful gown, but to become the receptable and the givers of the Melchizedek power. That is what Ordination is about, among other things. – Mario Schoenmaker (1929-1997) , The Book of Hebrews, p. 109


2 Responses to “A word from Rev. Mario”

  1. Tom Gilbert Says:

    Though no longer a priest in the Independent Catholic/ Independent Sacramental Movement, I still try to keep up on news and statements by those I admire. Your words and teachings are some which I most admire. I enjoy your new blog very much (as well as you statements in the Yahoo Group). Keep up the good work in showing the validity of esoteric, religious matters. God Bless.

  2. John Says:

    Hey Tom – Always good to hear from you. What are you doing these days?

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