A prayer from the Guild

The following is a prayer which Violet Firth (Dion Fortune) claimed to have received through a spiritual experience in the early 1920s.   She later used it as the opening prayer for the communion liturgy of the Guild of the Master Jesus.  I’ve seen it in various forms, but I think this is the original version (found in Gareth Knight, Dion Fortune and the Three Fold Way, p.87)

Oh Holy Jesus, Master of Love and Compassion, we, Thy little children, dedicated to Thy service, approach Thee in faith in the Living Christ, the Unseen Companion of the Heart. Prepare us, O Lord, to drink of the living waters of Life, soon to be made manifest unto us; open our eyes that we may see, and our hearts that we may understand.  Make the way plain, O Lord, that we fail not in Thy service.

May we be a channel whereby Thy Holy Ones may approach the world.  May we be a centre of radiation of Thy power.  Teach us to travel light, as do all who travel upon the Path; to give ourselves entirely to Thy service; to attune ourselves to Thy will; to suffer gladly for Thy sake; to lay down the small personal life in the great Cosmic Life; and to love with the Love of God.


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