Dear readers, some of you may know Matt Lippa.  He was the first priest ordained by Father Paul Blighton, in November 1967.  He now teaches in a universal/Sufi mode –, if you are curious.   We’ve had some very interesting conversations about the topics under discussion in this blog.  Matt teaches that each individual has the opportunity to become, in function, what a priest was in earlier times – a spiritual intermediary in their local worlds.

Matt and his family are much on my mind today, as they have a lot going on.  You might keep them in your prayers.   The following is the Prayer of Daylight from Matt’s website.  It sounds like him, so I am guessing he wrote it.

Oh my Love, Beloved
Your face is everywhere.
My heart is Yours, Your heart is all.

Being and Provider,
You give me life.

Sustainer and Deliverer,
You are the promise and fulfillment.

Freedom is Your name.

Heart Your blessing.

Breath carries me to You
and fills You with me as I am filled with You.

Bless this one and raise me to Your height.

Carry me above the distinction of two –
beholder and beheld as One.

Lift me as I fall within Your arms
the wings of love.

And become me,
as I no longer exist as separate from You,
myself – Oneself.


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