A word from Dion Fortune

Unless  we can share in the inner life of a symbol, its outer form will convey nothing to us.  Unless we have made a voluntary sacrifice for pity’s sake, we will learn little from meditation on the Cross; unless we have felt the burning light of a living spirit contact quickening our hearts, we shall receive nothing from the Chalice.  The consecrating words of the Priest make the cup into a Chalice, but it is only the consecrating consciousness of the communicant which can change the Chalice into the Graal.

Like King Arthur’s knights, we must not rest content with the Chalice in the chapel, but go forth in quest of those great adventures of the soul which shall bring us at last to partake of the Graal in the Church not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens.  (from Glastonbury: Avalon of the Heart, 1934, pp.93-94)


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