A word from Father Philip

The following saying has been quoted to me by several former members of the Holy Order of MANS, and attributed to Father Philip McCaffery:

The first step in alchemy is:  If possible, do nothing.

This is well worth pondering.   When we take action for transformation, whether in ourselves or for others, we need not carry on with lots of hubbub and doing.  We do only what is truly necessary, and, if possible, we wait until we can see clearly what that is.  And sometimes, what is necessary is precisely doing nothing, allowing things to take their natural course. 


3 Responses to “A word from Father Philip”

  1. The Liberal Rite Says:

    There is an awareness behind this quotation that action of the wrong sort can be counterproductive. What we are seeking is the still centre, the “still small voice of calm” that will bring about a solution that appears inevitable rather than the outcome of conscious decision-making processes. Ultimately, what it tells us is to trust our inner being and not to let that be overwhelmed by the worldliness of our external personality.

  2. M Wms Says:

    I like the quote and comments. Thanks. Wondering who Philip McCaffery is? I googled and found nothing. There’s quite a bit on a Father Daniel McCaffery … Any ideas, anyone?

  3. John Says:

    Hi M Wms – John (Fr Philip) McCaffery was a teacher (bishop-equivalent) in the Holy Order of MANS. As you may know, a good part of the HOOM joined an independent orthodox jurisdiction in the late 1980s, and then eventually the mainstream Orthodox church. Others continued on an independent, esoteric path. Fr Philip was among those who went Orthodox. He is now a priest in the Bulgarian diocese, with a parish in East Syracuse, New York. I don’t know what he thinks about things he said years ago in the HOOM, but it is still a wise quote!

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