Make my mind glad…

Today is the traditional feast day of Thomas Aquinas, best known as a philosopher and theologian.   To share a less known aspect of his work, here is a small selection from one of his sermons, preached in 1264:

This is the banquet at which Christ ministered to those who on earth were his companions and sat with him at table.  It is the supper to which the householder invited his son on his return from the feast of the prefiguring lamb.  O cleansing waters foreshadowed in earlier springs!  This Pasch in which Christ is offered requires that virtue supersede vice, and makes free those who are spiritually Hebrews.  This food satisfies the hunger of the devout heart.  Faith is the seasoning, devotion and love of the brethren the relish.  The teeth of the body break this food, but only an unfaltering faith can savour it.  What a ration this is for the march that brings the traveller as far as the mountain of virtue.  O living bread, begotten in heaven, fermented in the womb of the Virgin, baked in the furnace of the cross, brought to the altar hidden under the cover of the wafer; strengthen my heart to good, make it steadfast on life’s path, make my mind glad, my thoughts pure.   (borrowed from Every, Ware, and Harris, The Time of the Spirit, p.98)


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