A word from Lloyd Meeker

In [patience] is the privilege of abiding always in the Service of the Father within, being ever ready to open the Door, that the Master [Christ] within may Serve mankind in every thought that vibrates through the physical body, in every word that flows from the lips, and in every act that comes into manifestation through the body.  This is the Lord’s Service, which He will render through each one who will become a doorkeeper in His Temple.  (from Seven Steps to the Temple of Light, Step One – 1930s?)

We patiently tend the flame of God’s presence within us, that every aspect of our lives may hopefully, gradually become an open door to God for others.

As Meeker was fond of saying, God does not give blessings to us, for us, to hang onto in some sort of selfish way.  (“My blessing!  You can’t have it!”) Rather, blessings are given through us to others, and through others to us. Each of us serves as a doorway opening to blessings, strength, and grace for others, and receiving the same through them.  If I have received a blessing, how am I called to share it with others?  And in all my encounters with other people, what blessing is God sending to me through them?


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