A word from Pietro Archiati

Christ, the Being of love, reveals Himself in divine powerlessness and foolishness – for to love means to renounce power and control over another, to give up ‘knowing what’s best’ for another.  The Being of love, the Christ Being, is not a divine power which overwhelms us and determines us from without, nor one which claims foreknowledge of our intentions. Christ’s love is an absolute and pure love which desires human beings to be free.  Christ wants us to be free. His will  is only done by those who practise and exercise freedom. (P. Archiati, From Christianity to Christ, p. 28)

While I have been taking some sacred cows to the BBQ in recent posts (or, given how veggie I am, releasing the sacred cows to graze free…), this is the independent movement and I am only articulating my own current vision – which continues to grow and change.  Your vision and vocation may well be different.  Some years ago, when I first read From Christianity to Christ by Pietro Archiati (a former RC priest), I was laboring in an oppressively controlling religious environment, and his words were balm for the soul and inspiration for action!

Every morning, I take a few moments to pray for my free sacramental christian sisters and brothers.  The image I use in this prayer changes, but at present, I see each of you as the burning bush, or perhaps all of you as its twigs and branches.  May you each grow into your unique individuality, while fully ablaze with the one fire of the Spirit.  From the very center of your being, may God speak “I AM” to the world….     (And, yes, Martha+ of St Junia’s House, this image is partly due to your recommendation of Marko Rupnik’s In the Fire of the Burning Bush!)


2 Responses to “A word from Pietro Archiati”

  1. Alexis Says:

    Thanks John for the lovely excerpt. I like your desert father format . . .”A Word father. . .” for these citations. This one was particularly powerful.

    I also appreciate your willingness to raise questions about some of the “Sacred Cows” in the indie community – it is, I believe, about time we conscientiously examine some of these things.

    Thank you

  2. John Says:

    Hi Alexis – Yes, and as we examine sacred cows, we may come to different conclusions, but that is fine!

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