Gathering the scattered things…

First, you come to see where you are in the world, where others are, and then you begin to take care of all things that come your way, as many as you can.  It’s good to gather the scattered things of the world and bring them into a kind of happy, loving communion.  When you’re doing that, you’re well on the road to real illumination. – Robert Lax (in S.T. Georgiou, The Way of the Dreamcatcher, p.210)

Everything wants to be hallowed, to be brought into the holy… everything wants to become sacrament.  Things seek us out on our paths, what comes to meet us on our way needs us for its way… everything wants to come to us, everything wants to come to God through us… let the hidden light of God shine forth.   – Martin Buber (from The Origin and Meaning of Hasidism, p. 181, quoted by Georgiou, p.31)


One Response to “Gathering the scattered things…”

  1. Alexis Says:

    I may be mis-reading this but what jumps to my mind is the simple realisation that we find “sacrament” in relationships. Our relationship to others, to “the other”.

    Everything wants to become sacrament . . . things seek us out on our paths . . . as “Christ in the World” we become the living ikon of the Master. . . we need not look hard in the Gospels to find how it is the case that he was sought out, and that people desired to stand in relation to him.

    It may be a tangent, but I am reading Wilkin’s “The Spirit of Early Christian Thought” and he states a principle of Eastern Spirituality rather well when he points to the Greek understanding of the word “to witness” – as a means of participation.

    We participate in God – now there’s a great working definition of theosis, and sacrament.

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