A word from John Todd Ferrier

Such is the meaning of the Mass.  It is for you to receive this Bread of Divine Knowledge and the Cup of the Divine Mystery; to eat of that Bread of His Wisdom, and to drink of that Cup of His Love.   When you eat and drink of those things, you partake of the elements which will make you to be divine embodiments.  Your very substance will become as Christ’s.  You will be of like nature. In the whole centrifugal and centripedal motion of your Being, in all your powers, attributes and service, you will be like Christ and for Christ.  This is how the world is to be enlightened, healed, redeemed, saved, through the Mass of the Soul in the offering up of the Being.  (from J. Todd Ferrier, The Divine Renaissance, 1929, v.1, pp. 330-331)


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