Snowy morning

Tennesse is finally having its first snow of the winter.  I think it flurried one morning a month or so ago, but this is the first snowfall to actually accumulate on the ground.  Of course, despite all the apocalyptic furor from the TV weatherpeople, it’s not that much, and the roads were in good shape this morning.

I don’t have much blog time today, but here’s a further thought from Pietro Archiati.  (Hat tip to Rev. Kristina Kaine,, who took these notes at a lecture Archiati gave on Feb 21, 1999.)

We fear uniqueness.  We think it leads to chaos, so we fear freedom….  We must love uniqueness.  Christ came to give this freedom.  He wants us to be non-conformist.  He doesn’t want us to be the same; no two flowers are the same.

Some may be called to try to reform the larger sacramental churches from without, while others are creating new ecclesial identities.  Some may find traditional church structures to be useful, while others may discover community in more free-form ways.  Some may playfully enjoy the beauty of pomp and circumstance, while others are drawn to simplicity.  

We don’t have to be the same, and, while we may work hard at articulating our visions and engage in vigorous rounds of persuasion, we don’t have to agree.  People from outside the independent sacamental world have often commented on the seeming chaos of our diversity.  True enough.  But as we look at the chaos, we may feel the breath of the Spirit at the back of our necks, blowing in to form new patterns far beyond our expectations.


2 Responses to “Snowy morning”

  1. Chris T. Says:

    We had our first snow a couple weeks ago, and it was just surreal. It’s funny to watch Sue’s reaction, though — like she’s angry about false advertising. “It’s not supposed to get cold here!!” At least winter in NC is, what, four-five weeks? 😉

    I’m sure it’s no surprise that I agree strongly with the point about uniqueness — so many of our problems (misogyny, anti-Semitism, anti-LGBT sentiment, anti-Islamic sentiment) come from a fear of those with different experiences and different identities. If we wait around until we share all the same experiences to form meaningful human community, we’ll be waiting a long time…

    BTW, at the TEC parish where I go to midweek Eucharist, I gave a little impromptu history of the movement when asked, and now the MC/mistress of acolytes is going to borrow your book from me and learn more. More cross-pollenation going on, which is wonderful!

  2. The Liberal Rite Says:

    The chaos is the point. The alternative is either imposed uniformity and the suppression of conscience (negative karma), or inspired synergy, but that synergy is rarely constant through the long term. As new synergies form, so we take what inspires us from any, all or none of the established traditions.

    Pick ‘n mix religion? Only if it isn’t taken seriously. The spiritual seeker sees reflections of the divine all around – so reflecting that back to others is a natural function of a life of love. It doesn’t necessarily mean the seeker appears conventionally pious – few modern Gnostics would seem so, for example – but it does mean that they are illuminated by an inner Light that guides them.

    No two snowflakes are the same…

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