The Return of Living Mysteries

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging, for the following shameless self-promotion…..

As some of you know, my second book, Living Mysteries: A Practical Handbook for the Independent Priest, enjoyed a very short initial life due to the original publisher (Sun Chalice) closing down shop.   The guys at Rising Phoenix were kind enough to offer to republish it.  They even re-set the whole book and did a new cover, making it prettier.  In the interest of making it easily available at an affordable price (and RP not incurring any large start-up costs) its new incarnation is as an e-book.  You can order it at:

Those of you with an interest in esoterica may enjoy some of Rising Phoenix’s other offerings.  Those of you who are more orthodox/traditional may have to shield your eyes! 🙂

My other books continue to be available from Apocryphile Press –  Both Apocryphile and Rising Phoenix are owned and operated by very fine people who are aligned with the independent sacramental movement. 


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