Living a real transfiguration

I would like to thanks Martha+ of St Junia’s House ( for recommending In the Fire of the Burning Bush: An Initiation to the Spiritual Life by Marko Ivan Rupnik, SJ.  While the author is a Roman priest, he has been deeply influenced by the stream of late 19th/early 20th c. Russian philosophy and theology running through Soloviev, Berdiaev, and Bulgakov.   It is a really beautiful book, with much to ponder on each page.  I’m going to have to read it several times.   Here are just a couple of bits for y’all:

Just as bread really nourishes, so that same bread become the body of Christ truly communicates his life, and the chalice involves us in the Paschal Event in such an existential way that the strength of Christ begins to act within us, opening us to his own spiritual dimension. In the Eucharist our offerings live a real transfiguration, just as the body of Christ, which in the Passion took evil upon itself, arose transfigured. (p.43)

After all, it is not so important to reach a psychological tranquillity.  Even that can be an idol and so should not be mythologized.  What counts and what is really healthy is discovering that our lives are gathered and hidden with Christ in God.  Rationally, I can eliminate those episodes of my past that make me suffer.  I can refuse to recognize them and live as a psychological invalid, just as I can accept them, “normalize” myself, and live in “tranquillity.” If all that I am and have been, however is not gathered and integrated into Love, I remain just half a person because there is a whole part of my past, of my person, that has not been gathered into eternal Love.  It is necessary that I find a way to see these events transfigured in Christ for eternity. (p.53)


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