Update and a word from Leo the Great

Sorry I haven’t had any time to post in the last day or so, and today looks to be very busy also.   Yesterday, the emergent cohort (http://nashvillecohort.blogspot.com)  was interesting as always, with vigorous discussion of the nature of the gospel, evangelism, and pluralism.  Last night, I went to hear David Dark (http://www.davidsarahdark.blogspot.com/) talk about Will Campbell, which was excellent – perhaps more on that if I have a moment later.  Here’s just one quote from Campbell, from David’s talk, to chew on:

The church is one cat in one ditch with one nobody son-of-a-bitch trying to pull her out.  (I think this is from Brother to a Dragonfly, but haven’t looked it up.)

Finally, for now, a bit from a Christmas sermon by Leo the Great (c.400-461):

If we are indeed the temple of God and if the Spirit of God lives in us, then what every believer has within himself is greater than the [light of the sun] he admires in the skies.


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