A couple of words from the Shakers

Whew – what a Monday!  While I have The Testimonies on my desk, here are a couple more words from the Shaker elders.  First, I wonder what would happen if we approached one another with the vision of Elder John Hocknell:

If you could see the glory of God that shines around you as I do, and the angels that minister the power of God to you, your hair would rise on your head, and your flesh would crawl on your bones.  (Testimonies, p. 179)

And one more selection from Mother Ann, before the book goes back to the shelf for now:

Addressing Phoebe Spencer and a number of others, Mother said, “You must remember the poor and needy, the widow and the fatherless; and deal out your bread to the hungry, and your clothing to the naked.  Your natures will say, ‘They may work and get these things for themselves.’ But Christ said, ‘Give to him that asketh, and of him that would borrow of thee, turn not thou away.’ If I had but two mouthfuls of bread, I would give to him that needed; and, if I had but two coats, I would give to him who had none.  You must put away your covetousness, your lust, and your filth, and be prepared for the increase of the gospel; for the time will come when the gospel will be preached to all nations, and many will flock to Zion to hear the word of the Lord.” (Testimonies, p. 209)


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