A word from Anthony Duncan

As usual, the late Anglican priest and theologian Anthony Duncan is directly on point:

In his own private devotions, and especially in meditation, the Baptised continues with what we may call “the Eucharist in little”.  For in his prayer, in Christ and through Christ, made in the power of the Holy Spirit, he offers himself and all that with which he is associated to God the Father. This “eucharistic” activity is a fundamental part of the exercise of that priesthood of which he is partaker by being man in the first place, and above all, by being man Baptised. His meditation begins and abides within the recollection that the Baptised relationship makes possible; he is transfixed, through every level of his consciousness and being, by the light and the love of the Christ which passes through him and through everything to which he is priest, to the very heart of creation itself. He meditates in fellowship with all the blessed in Christ of every generation, age, race, and creed, and also in fellowship with those others, his brethren, the Holy Angels.  He is called to identify his ego, by a deliberate act of will, with the Risen and Ascended Christ and to be a channel of Grace. This is the Risen Life. This is the great reality of the Eucharist, and this is the “Eucharist in little” which must be the private devotion of the Baptised.  These things already are; all he has to do is to invoke what already is.  (from The Priesthood of Man, 1973, p.165)


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