Saturday morning

It is a quiet, snowy morning in Nashville.  All us southerners, terrified of winter weather, are staying in.  I hope to post more, later today, but here are a couple of “words” for now.   (Sorry for the masculine bias of the language – when it comes to the texts and translations of others, I am letting the language stand, as is.)

He that would look for the lost lamb, let him go amongst the strays.  (Fr Paul Blighton, Book of Activity 4:13)

And, since a number of y’all liked the Anthony Duncan quote, here is another one:

In the dance about the Bread and Wine, the whole worship of man throughout the world, in every place, and according to each human tradition, is at the same time centred and illuminated.  This centring and this illumination again takes place upon the deepest levels and is without regard to the form or doctrines of what, to men, is their religion.  Thus it is that man’s instinctive desire to worship is brought into harmony at the deepest level of all, and each and every tradition among men is brought into a unity and dances its place in the measure of the dance about the Bread and Wine.   (Lord of the Dance, 1972, pp.41-42)


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