A word from Father Paul

Sorry about my silence yesterday.  My internet service provider had problems for most of the evening.   Now that everything is connected again, here is an snippet from a talk by Father Paul Blighton (printed in Golden Words, v. 3, pp.75-76).   Father Paul says that the newly ordained priest is…

Like a kid with a new pony.  He’s tickled to death to get the pony and all excited and everything, but when he has to feed the pony every day and go out and clean the stall and the barn and all these little things, well, he kind of loses attraction for the pony.  I’m going to tell you something: that’s a little like the priesthood.  Because it’s a grand and glorious and very elevating and exciting thing – and it is and I’ve never gotten over being excited about it – but you do have to clean up a lot of manure….     You haven’t reached the height of glory by any means, and you haven’t reached the point where you start to grow wings yet.  You may never have any wings, I don’t know.  But, nevertheless, you have to work with it every day, and this is where the real joy comes in….    You are going to have to live with this.  It isn’t a matter of getting into the priesthood; it’s a matter of living with the priesthood….  If you do not live with it happily, if it is not a joy to you, you’ve got a problem and you have to solve it.

Elsewhere (in The Philosophy of Sacramental Initiation), Father Paul says, “A joyless priest is a spiritual contradiction.”  May you all find some joy on this Mardi Gras.


One Response to “A word from Father Paul”

  1. Alexis Says:

    Great Post today John!

    Sitting with it has brought back many memories! I think your quote hits it on the nail in so many ways!

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