A word from Marc Andrus

My prayers are with my sisters and brothers in The Episcopal Church, as they face the aftermath of the Primates’ Meeting.  After the seeming lack of any prophetic backbone on the part of their presiding bishop, I was heartened to see the response of Marc Andrus, TEC Bishop of California (and my former classmate in the PhD program at the GTF):

  • The inclusion of gay and lesbian people in the full life of the Church is a matter of justice: as we are all part of the world, and the kindom of God is like a net laid over that same world. All on the earth are connected by this net, whether perceived or not. Actions of justice and injustice reverberate throughout the whole, promoting either integrity, remembering, and shalom, or diabolic isolation.
  • Understood as expressed above, our task in the Church is not actually to include or exclude anyone, but to show forth an intrinsic co-inherence that simply is, created and sustained by God.   (Read the whole response at http://bishopmarc.vox.com)
  • Yesterday, Rev Tom wrote:

    If there’s a swamp at the far, extreme edge of the Church, that’s where I live.  I have a little dry spot that I call home… (http://independentsacramental.blogspot.com/)

    The doings of the big denominations (and many of the little ones!) make me very glad to be just such a swamp dweller.  Peace.


    3 Responses to “A word from Marc Andrus”

    1. Alexis Says:

      Swamps are great! There’s always a new discovery under a piece of seemingly undistinguished muck, and the berry bushes are always full of sweet fruit.

      viva episcopi palusii!

    2. John Says:

      Episcopi Palusii – I like that! 🙂

    3. Will Says:

      Our crazies are rarely as spiritually damaging as those outside of the swamp! It is a good place to be.

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