Mother Ann’s birthday

I hope those of you celebrating Mother Ann Lee’s birthday tomorrow find it to be a time of grace and renewal. 

Mother often said, “I feel the blood of Christ running through my soul and washing me; him do I acknowledge as my head, and Lord.” (Testimonies, p.166)

So great was the manifestation of God in Mother at this time, that many were unable to abide in her presence, her words were like flames of fire, and her voice like peals of thunder.  (Testimonies, p.161)

I have been walking in fine valleys with Christ, in heavenly union.  (Mother Ann, quoted in Testimonies, p.166)

Let me have Mother’s gospel, Mother’s soul saving gospel
The same life that she taught, that she lived in her day
Free from all that is carnal, breathing life, life eternal
From the world, from the flesh, ’tis away, far away.
         (early Shaker spiritual)

I am traveling to Athens, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana this weekend, to visit friends and cause some trouble.  I will do my best to get a lectionary reflection posted in the next day or so, before I leave, as I don’t plan to take my laptop with me.  While I’m gone, y’all can post cheeky comments and discuss among yourselves. 


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