A temple of righteousness in his own body…

In thinking more about the sanctification of the body and all of material existence (following on from MB Wulf’s work and Mark’s comment), my quirky mind wandered to Third Corinthians (apocryphal for most, but once canonical for some Armenians).  Third Corinthians hammers away at the importance of the body – Christ’s body, our bodies, the resurrection of the body.  Probably the easiest place to find a translation is in Vahan Hovhanessian’s book, Third Corinthians: Reclaiming Paul for Christian Orthodoxy (Peter Lang Publishing, 2000).   The following is my favorite passage:

And if, when a corpse was thrown on the bones of the prophet Elisha by the sons of Israel, the body of the man was raised up, so also you, upon whom the body and the bones and the spirit of Christ have been thrown, on that day will be raised having a whole body.  (3 Cor 2:32)

Quite the image!   The author has a way with these strong pictures.  A bit earlier:

God the almighty, being righteous, and not willing to make void his own creation, sent down the Spirit through fire into Mary the Galilean so that through the destroyed flesh, by whose destruction the Evil One ruled, he would become conquered and be put to shame, not being God.  For, through His own body, Christ Jesus saved all flesh, in order that He may reveal a temple of righteousness in His own body, in whom we are set free.  (3 Cor 2:12-18)

Time to go make dinner, as this body would like to be fed!


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