A word from Rev Mario

Today, I re-read part of an address by Rev Mario Schoenmaker, titled “So You Want to Be a Priest,” printed in CentreCOMM, October 1977.   Here is an excerpt worth pondering:

The question remains for the present time between you and God, and what you want is not important, for to want to be a priest can be a selfish thing. It is always nice to stand on a platform to be seen by man. That’s the nice part of the priesthood. To sit in the study there and receive insulting letters and people pouncing on you constantly because your life is not your own, that is the other side people don’t see. To keep going when the body gives way with tiredness and irritation, that’s the other side people don’t see. And not only just for a moment, not just for a day, not just for a week, not just for a year, but for eternity, my dear friends. For eternity! Sometimes you will pray for death and death will not come, because even if death comes you are a priest in eternity.

And here’s another one:

He doesn’t have to have the cloak of priesthood upon him, he doesn’t have to have a gown in order to show people that he is a priest, he doesn’t have to stand on the pinnacle and say, “Here am I.” No, he may be a bricklayer, she may be a housewife, she may be just one of those people who can never be seen publicly, yet in the very touch, in the very eye, in the very attitude, the priesthood is being expressed and given.


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