Green, Grey, and Red

If y’all aren’t reading Gordon Cooper at “Leaves from a Tree” (, you are missing out.  Here are just a couple of excerpts from posts on the sacraments:

In reflecting further, there are at least three ways in which life is embodied and celebrated within the modern neo-Romantic movement:

There is the Green, or the world of plants, the source of oxygen that we metazoans rely on for life. We consume the Green, and it in turn consumes us and our waste products. This isn’t all that there is, however. There are sacraments of the Red, Mysteries of animal life, including birth, death and expressions of sexuality. We also have the Mysteries of the Grey, the fungus of the world, which offer us Sacramental experiences that can alter consciousness profoundly, as in the case of Aminita muscaria or Ale. (Yes, this description is incomplete, as I’ve entirely ignored the Archaea and the Protista. This model isn’t perfect, just a point of departure for personal and group exploration.) 

….. it occurred to me that there is already a bit of ritual that embodies The Green, The Red, and The Grey. This liturgy is structured as follows:Dead matter is transformed by sunlight and warmth into substances made of the Green–plants. The Green matter is in turn alchemically transformed by the Grey in darkness and dampness. Finally, the alchemically altered substance is consumed by the liturgist in the Realm of the Red.

This would be a traditional Latin Mass. The living Earth is praised and nourished by a farmer, and wrought into vegetation. In turn, the products of the Green are rendered into something else by the Grey, with the vintner and baker again working Mysteries over them. These transformed substances are in turn transformed and consumed by the liturgist, where through incarnate memory of a timeless act and diverse and subtle means, the these three series of transformations re-initialize the Cosmos, as The Christ shares the gifts of these embodied mysteries with others.

For more, go check out Gordon.


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