Homage to Our Lady

This past Sunday, S, one of the priests at the Free Communion Service, led us in this meditation which she found in the LCC booklet, Services of Our Lady.  It is intended for use before or after the eucharist.  I will give you the original text, and leave the revising and inclusivizing to y’all:

We bow in homage and adoration to thee, Mother of God, Queen of the Heavens, Star of the Sea, Guardian of Humanity; we greet thee and thine Angel hosts, shedding beauty and blessing among men and in nature; may we serve thee in our fellow men.

Holy Lady Mary, Mother of the world, Queen of Love and Compassion, with all our hearts we pour out our love and devotion at Thy feet; and we offer ourselves as channels of Thy wondrous tenderness, as agents of Thy ever-ready help. We pray Thee to use us in Thy holy work, that we may grow to be like Thee our Glorious Mother.

O holy Mother, Queen of our hearts, we dedicate ourselves to thy service.  Ave Maria.    (Services of Our Lady, p. 41)


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