A meditation from Rudolf Steiner

Throughout the course of the day, immerse your soul in the four parts of the Mass:

1. Gospel: Think of it as the way in which the “Word of God” reaches human beings, as far as the intellect is concerned.

2. Offering: Think of it as a free offering up to God of whatever is already within you of God’s being.

3. Transubstantiation: Imagine the sacrificed human element being truly transformed into the divine.

4. Communion : Imagine yourself united with God.

    (from The Christian Mystery, p.197)


One Response to “A meditation from Rudolf Steiner”

  1. theliberalrite Says:

    “…Imagine yourself united with God.”

    The Spirit of Freedom or the Free Spirit is attained when one is wholly transformed into God. This union is so complete that neither the Virgin Mary nor the Angels are able to distinguish between man and God. In it one is restored to one’s original state, before one flowed out of the Deity. One is illumined by that essential light, beside which all created light is darkness and obfuscation.

    Schwester Katrei, of the Brethren of the Free Spirit

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