A word from Rev Kristina

Rev Kristina Kaine (www.esotericconnection.net) sends out weekly reflections by email.  Recently, she has been working her way through the beatitudes.   Here is a small snip from this week’s post:

Above all, when others want to persecute us, to drive us away from them (which is what the word ‘persecute’ means), we must love. If we can do this, the quality of our love fills the universe with the true light. It is our ability to love in this way that makes us co-creators with Christ. Then the kingdom of heaven is ours, wherever we are.

As we accompany Jesus on his journey to the cross, as our consciousness changes with each step, we are able to bear the suffering – gladly even – which transmutes it. Unfortunately, our human nature can place suffering outside us, albeit unconsciously, inflicting hurt on those around us. In this way we crucify others.

Bear with me if I’m a bit slow on blogging.  Work is extremely busy, and taking a lot of my available time and energy.  At minimum, I’ll get reflections posted for Sundays and feasts, and other things as time allows. 


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