Father Taliaferro on anger

The late Father A.A. Taliaferro was an Episcopal priest who left TEC to found an independent, esoterically oriented congregation – St Alcuin’s Community Church in Dallas.  The church no longer survives, although the associated Montessori school does – www.saintalcuin.org .   Through books and tapes, he influenced a large number of people, including, most famously, Willie Nelson.  A kind soul is beginning to put some videos of Father Taliaferro (pronounced “Toliver”) on the internet.  Here is a talk about anger, and how we can use the energy it brings up for creative purposes:



2 Responses to “Father Taliaferro on anger”

  1. Bryan Blackburn Says:

    doesn’t seem to be working

  2. John Says:

    Yes, unfortunately, the video seems to be down.

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