An Orthodox hymn for the feast….

Today is revealed the mystery that is from all eternity.
The Son of God becomes the Son of Man;
Sharing in what is lower,
He makes me share in what is higher.
Once Adam was deceived:
He sought to become God, but failed.
Now God becomes man,
So as to make Adam God.
Let creation rejoice and nature exult:
For the Archangel stands in fear before the Virgin,
And with his salutation ‘Hail!’ he brings
The joyful greeting whereby our sorrow is healed.
O God, made man in merciful compassion:
Glory to thee!


One Response to “Annunciation”

  1. boze Says:

    I was debating whether to pop this excerpt here in the Annunciation, or below with Leo.

    “If the Logos had not dwelt in the womb, [our] flesh would not have taken its place upon the holy throne. If it is an insult to God to enter the womb, which he formed, then it is also an insult to God to minister to humanity.”

    -Proklos of Constantinople, Hom. 1.3

    Proklos was a contemporary of Leo – it is possible (don’t hold me to this) that the two men might have met in Constantinople, as I think Leo was the legate to the imperial court???

    Anyway, the idea that Christ’s body is our body – symbolising his solidarity with our nature is a powerful image to my mind.

    What is more, as Proklos asserts, reasonably in order for the “idea” of the incarnation to work, the Logos – the fullness of the divine will & reason, lifts us up entirely from the very inception of our created nature. Salvation is full, complete; no “thing” no part of our being remains outside the experience. No part of our person can be separated or distinguished from the mechanics of salvation.

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