A word from Herman Spruit

Look, Parson, if you… convinced people that you have decided to come clean, it might fill your church.  And what’s more important, it might start a revival of religious and ethical dynamics in your town. Deep down within yourself, if you start looking for it, you know this religion thing is not fully on the level.  You may have to look for it, your people don’t, they know.  They have been shopping at the religion counters long enough to know that much of the type of religion merchandized nowadays is below the requirements of the codes of honesty and truth.  The only people who stay around are the ones who haven’t found something more trustworthy yet.  The rest have flown the coop.  (from The Sacramentarion, p.3)

A little further down the page, Herman writes that one of his objectives was: To make Christianity honest, all the way, clear down to the core.   Whatever one may make of Herman’s work, that is a worthy striving.


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