A word from Alice Bailey

The outstanding need of Christianity today is to emphasize the living, risen Christ. We have argued too long over the death of Christ, seeking to impose a narrow, sectarian Christ upon the world. We have fed the fires of separation by our Christian divisions, churches, sects, and “isms.”  “Their name is legion,” and most of them are founded upon some sectarian presentation of the dead Christ, and of the earlier aspects of His story. Let us now unite upon the basis of the risen Christ – Christ alive today, Christ the source of inspiration and the founder of the kingdom of God; Christ, the cosmic Christ, eternally on the Cross, yet eternally alive; Christ, the historical Saviour, the founder of Christianity, watching over his Church; Christ, the mystic, mythic Christ, portraying upon the canvas of the Gospels the episodes of unfoldment so that all who live may know and follow; and Christ, alive today in every human heart, the guarantee of, and the urge toward divinity, which humanity so constantly exhibits. 
(Alice Bailey, From Bethlehem to
Calvary, 238-239)


One Response to “A word from Alice Bailey”

  1. melchizedekcircle Says:

    Indeed!!! We were discussing this last night, it is not about how Christ died, or how Christ lived, it is about the reality and mystery that Christ IS, Christ has been and always shall be, the New Birth, perhaps, can be said to be our entering into the realization that we too, ARE!!!

    So much for Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ shall come again…

    Christ IS, and that, IS enough! Christ is HERE NOW, this moment, past and future dissolve in the present reality of the Mystery of the Presence!

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