A word from Dion Fortune

Can it be said that the Master Jesus enables us to overcome death?  The Christian mystic knows this statement to be literally true. Christ’s teaching it is which enables us to take our manhood up into Godhead through the spiritualization of the personality by that discipline which enables human consciousness to realize Divinity.  “In my flesh shall I see God” if my daily life be consecrated by the ideal of the Christ-life.  The little seed of good desires, the first faint stirrings of spiritual impulses will never be brought to good effect if they be buried under the unconsecrated earth of daily life.  Unless the earth of everyday be made holy ground the seeds of divine impulses will not grow in it.  We can only hope to overcome death if we have overcome life….   Our Lord gives us dominion over the power of death by enabling us through His discipline so to raise consciousness that we have the realization of eternal life here and now.  “Upon such the second death has no power.”
(Dion Fortune, Mystical Meditations on the Collects, 84-85)


One Response to “A word from Dion Fortune”

  1. boze Says:

    Christ is Risen!

    Hey, this one was really neat. I particularly like the imagery of “ground” in relation to the seeds.

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