A prayer from Rev Kristina

A powerful prayer based on images from the Revelation of St John, composed by Kristina Kaine (www.esotericconnection.net)

You are the one who declares the Revelation of what we must become.
May we be able to hold the seven stars, those angels, in our right hand
because we are not confined to a limited form,
and walk in the middle of the seven golden lampstands;
because we carry the light of the Holy Spirit within us,
May we experience the first and the last, straddling eternal memory.
May we, like you, pass through death and become the living one; resurrected.
Let our words be a two-edged sword cutting away all illusion;
O, Son of God, may our eyes be like yours, a flame of fire, magnifying unseen detail,
and our feet like white-hot brass, refining and forging our understanding.
May we who have the seven spirits of God make them worthy and pure,
and cooperate with the seven stars,
the connecting angels working between our lower and higher being;
Holy one, true one,
who holds the key of David
which opens and no one shuts,
which shuts and no one opens;
You are the Amen,
faithful and true witness;
The arche of God’s creation.

Kristina’s book (I Connecting: The Soul’s Quest) was finally published during my break from blogging.  You can find information here: http://www.i-connecting.com


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