Compassionate Eating: The Veganomicon

Some posts on priest-y issues are coming soon, but for those who haven’t seen it yet…..  Isa Moskowitz and Terry Romero’s new cookbook is out – The Veganomicon – and it is fantastic.  I don’t care if you are a total omnivore who chases and kills animals in your backyard.   (Hey, I was born in Kentucky. I’ve seen such things.)  Well, actually, I do care… but this is plain good food, period, regardless of your choices about eating.   For details, see their website:

 A couple of other recent and excellent resources:   Mark Bittman (well known for his weekly column “The Minimalist” in The New York Times) has a new book called How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.   The book is octo-lavo, and Bittman is not a vegetarian.  Nonetheless, he’s full of great ideas, helpful suggestions, tasty recipes.   Dino Sarma’s first book, Alternative Vegan, is also well worth a look.   Dino’s recipes are focused on fresh produce (as opposed to soy products, seitan, and the like), and display broad-ranging influences, especially from his native India.  He’s also excellent at providing suggestions for cooking on a budget, and saving time without sacrificing quality.  Dino may be the next Isa Moskowitz!  He has a blog at


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