“What is an itkin, anyway?”

This is a question famously asked of indie bishop +Mikhail Itkin by Dusty Verity, and was used as the title of an essay on Itkin by Ian Young.   There is a book project on Itkin in the works.  I am a contributor, and I know Ian Young and Mark Sullivan (who are coordinating) would be delighted to hear from anyone with memories, letters, or (better yet) knowledge of the location of his personal papers.   Drop me a comment and I can put you in touch.

 Also, the little gremlins (Mercury Retrograde? The ghost of Mikhail Itkin?  My computer incompetance?) managed to turn off the comments.  Sorry about that.  I only meant to leave them on moderation.  I’m too busy to keep an eye on the site all the time, and moderation helps me know if y’all are having an interesting discussion.   I think I have succeeded in turning the comments back on.  Have fun and Happy Friday!


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