A word from Rev. Mario

From the cross, the power of His blood flowed into the earth to make the earth his own.  It is the earth which is symbolised by the host used during Holy Communion. We say, ‘This is His body.’ Symbolically, because the host is round, we are lifting up the earth and saying the earth is His body.  This means that we are also being sustained by the body of Christ in the food we eat.  The more that we identify ourselves with Christ, both spiritually and physically, in our eating and drinking habits, etc., the more we take the Christ within ourselves.

– from Mario Schoenmaker, The Ultimate Vision: The Revelation to John, Development Course Lecture 2, page 5.


One Response to “A word from Rev. Mario”

  1. revmargo Says:

    I like this idea…. When I read this I realized that for a while now I have perceived the elevated host as the sun (and the sun as the Son). But in thinking about Mario’s words I realized that I was actually thinking of the sun as the center and parent of the rest of our solar system, and by extension, as being symbolic of all physical manifestation. So…the host is to me symbolic of spirit in substance, the divine manifesting as the physical world. “God/dess’s body.”

    I am now more appreciative of the breadth of meaning that the host can embody. Thanks for posting this!

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