II Easter: Breaking bread

I am pressed for time today, but in the spirit of not missing a week:

Today’s gospel in the LCC lectionary is the road to Emmaus, but most western lectionaries have the encounter of Thomas with the Risen Christ for Low Sunday, and I woke up thinking about that reading.   Thomas demands that he physically touch the wounds of Christ in order to believe.  What do we similarly demand?   We want clergy titles, recognition from various persons or groups, the right apostolic lineage, a church community that looks like we think it should,  501c3 status from the government, and so on.   We flail around, trying to grasp Christ in such ways.   Even if some of these things are given to us, they are far from needed.   Rather, we grasp Christ, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, in the mystery of the breaking of the bread.    As we share in the eucharist, our eyes are opened and we truly know him.  Yet Christ, who refuses to be bound to limitations and the fantasies of our ego, simultaneously vanishes from our sight, leaving us together in quiet wonder.


One Response to “II Easter: Breaking bread”

  1. alexis Says:

    Only scanned this a few weeks ago and wanted to come back to it for a second look – glad i did – thanks John the way you link that sense of “grasping” by the apostles with our indie context is really insightful.

    Glad to see your blogging again too. you were missed.

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