IV Easter: Hid with Christ in God

Paul tells us that we are risen with Christ through the faith of the operation of God, and that we are to walk… in him.   In the gospel, Jesus opens the minds of the disciples to the mysteries of his death and resurrection, and tells them: Ye are witnesses of these things.  

What does it mean to walk in Christ and to be his witnesses?  We are all laden with notions of what the walk of faith should look like, whether those notions originate in our experiences of Christianity to date, or in our awareness of its form/s in our culture.   All too often such ideas of church and of life in Christ may be the very things on the earth from which we are counseled to remove our affections.

Like the disciples, we may have spent much time with scripture and with Jesus, and yet our understanding remains closed – closed by our inherited ideas of church, our ego-driven fantasies, our desires for certain forms of power and an identity recognized by the world.   We must be willing to let the Light of light shine into such darkness.   We are told that our life is hid with Christ in God.   Can we trust that mystery and allow Christ to open the splendor of his resurrection to us?  If so, the light will shine on the path we are to walk, however odd or hidden that way may seem.


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