A word from Dorothy Maclean

I’ve been reading the autobiographies (one might say the dueling autobiographies…) of the three founders of Findhorn: Peter Caddy, Eileen Caddy, and Dorothy Maclean. All are well worth the time.  This passage from Dorothy Maclean’s Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic (p. 158) struck me as quite appropriate to the inner work of a priest:

Then a deeper shift took place.  It was as if I had been turned inside out.  After countless years of receiving and being embraced by divine love, I found that I could only give out.   In my meditations, I ceased to feel like the object of love and began to experience only love itself. To meditate now is to feel a sense of blessing flowing out into the world. Sometimes I say, “May God’s love be known.”  Other times I say, “May Thy love be known.” And sometimes, when I am very close within, it becomes, “May our love be known.”  


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