Sunday after Ascension: Power from on high…

Before his Ascension, Jesus tells the disciples that they are to be endued with power from on high when the Holy Ghost comes upon them.   Christians have not done so well with power over the centuries, but we might get a couple of clues from this text about the power of the Spirit.  First, the disciples are told to wait — tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem — until the Spirit comes in his own time.  We could learn a lot from fellow Christians – such as the Society of Friends – who practice quiet and patient waiting upon the Spirit.  In such waiting, the discernment between our own distortions and the power of the Spirit tend to become clear.   Further, what characterizes the waiting?  Great joy… praising and blessing God.  Is our waiting upon God marked by such joy?  Or is it a time of tapping our fingers in frustration, imploring the Spirit to hurry up and ratify our desires?

In this time of waiting before Pentecost, let us be filled with joy, joy that banishes the darkness of our hearts and the plans therein, emptying ourselves so that  the coming power may re-make and use us, only and always as Christ wills.


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