A word from Rudolf Steiner

Again and again people come to me with the following soul question: What corresponds to my specific abilities? or How can I bring my abilities to bear in the world? This question is much, much less important than looking around ourselves objectively to see what needs to be done.  When we get involved with what we notice there, we will see that we have many more abilities than we think.

Rudolf Steiner, First Steps in Christian Religious Renewal, p. 31


One Response to “A word from Rudolf Steiner”

  1. waywardhermit Says:

    Hi John. This is Doug Bess. Didn’t know another way to contact you, so thought I’d do it here. I don’t expect this comment to be on your blog, just wanted to contact you. I thought you might be interested in my new blog, the Wayward Hermit, via wordpress. I will be posting lots of stuff that you will likely be interested in. Also, I had to laugh when I discovered your blog’s name – I am going to publish a book this year, roughly titled, “Priestcraft: A Handbook of Folk Catholicism and Wonderworking.”

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