Grateful memory

In the LCC collect for Low Sunday, we pray that we “may never lose our grateful memory of [God’s] unchanging love….”   Here in the Easter season, we renew again that grateful memory of the one who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil, the one whom God raised up on the third day.  

Like the disciples bound for Emmaus, too often our eyes are holden.  We commune together and reason, but we fail to see and know the one who already stands in our midst.   We expound the scriptures, we know all that the prophets have spoken, we know the women said the tomb was empty and Jesus was alive.  And still our eyes are holden.  In this paschal season, the message is not enough.  We seek to know the living Christ of whom it speaks.

And so we draw near to the memorial Jesus left us, bread and wine given with the command to remember him, bread and wine used to make eucharist… thanksgiving.   Our table is set with grateful memory.   As we break the bread, it is more than simple memory.  Our eyes are open and we know Christ, who feeds us.   Knowing his presence and his love, we must proclaim The Lord is risen indeed!


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