Happy Birthday, Father Paul

April 18 is the 108th Birthday of my favorite “cosmic roustabout,” Earl W. Blighton, a.k.a. Father Paul, founder of the Holy Order of MANS.  In Chapter 4 of Father Paul’s Book of Activity, we read:  He that would look for the lost lamb, let him go among the strays.  Blighton certainly did this, moving through 1960s San Francisco, gathering up young people and forming them into a spiritual order.   One of his associates described the early members as “a bunch of street kids and hot chicks.”   Not exactly promising material for the priesthood, perhaps, but the power of the Spirit should not be underestimated.   Here are a few more lines from the Book of Activity, a collection of revelations received by Blighton (whose grammar did not always keep pace with his spiritual insight):  The way is long but the words must be short for him who would teach My children in this day. For him who would teach My children must be ready to cure their insanity….  For the Way of the Teacher is to beset by love.  (Chapter 5)


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